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General information

Zielona Góra's situation near the Polish-German border, the proximity of major traffic arteries and the surrounding nature are great assets of the town. Zielona Góra has a very favourable geographical location. The international routes and railway lines intersect in its vicinity, connecting Scandinavia with the south of Europe and Warsaw with Berlin. International road E65 and national roads No. 3, No. 27 and No. 32 run nearby. Our city is 160 km away from Berlin, 290 km from Prague, 130 km from Poznań, 160 km from Wrocław and 413 km from Warsaw.

The conference venue is located on

University of Zielona Gora,
Campus A,
Building A-2,
Szafrana 2 street.

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Local transport

The most convenient method of transport is to use public bus. The bus stop closest to the conference venue is Uniwersytet Zielonogórski - Campus A (number 157 and 158).
From train station and city centre take buses 8, 11, 25.
The bus ticket can be bought on each bus and must be validated immediately after boarding a bus or buying it.

By train

There are quite a lot of direct train connections from Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Świebodzin to Zielona Góra.

From Berlin

  • (by train and bus) The easiest way is to find trains from Berlin to Świebodzin using Deutsche Bahn website. From Świebodzin, take a bus to Zielona Góra (scroll way down to see the connection).
  • (by car) There is a convenient car connection from Berlin to Zielona Góra.

    From Świebodzin

    Take a bus to Zielona Góra (scroll way down to see the connection). The bus station in Świebodzin is located in close proximity of the train station (about 100 m).

    By Plane

    The closest airport is Babimost, but it carries flights only from/to Warsaw. More information can also be found on Polish LOT airlines, who operate the flights.
  • The inbound flights, from Warsaw to Babimost, departs from Warsaw at 22:35, and arrives to Babimost at 23:35. The inbound flights are available only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
  • The outbound flights, from Babimost to Warsaw are available only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday The outbound flight departs from Babimost at 05:45, and arrives to Warsaw at 6:50.
  • Please note that conference participants must book their hotel rooms themselves. There is a short distance from almost each hotel to the conference venue. Below is the list of recommended hotels:

    Obviously, you can contact Conference Secretariat in case of any question about hotel or transportation.